Launch Week! (Narrowboat Updates #9, #10, #11 and #12!)

It’s happened! We’ve got the boat! And here you can experience the ups and downs of Launch Week in four relatively epic videos! First up, there’s the very quick update that we shot the night before it all happened. Features 100% excitement and NO TENSION AT ALL!

Then, we hit the 19th of January, and it’s time to find out if the boat actually floats or not. Update 10 brings you the wonder and the dazed shock of Zero Gravity’s Launch Day!:

Life doesn’t stop being complicated once the boat’s in the water. There’s plenty of ups and downs in the immediate aftermath of the launch (including the Mystery of the Missing Starter Battery), and Update 11 brings you all of it, including our very first proper trips on the boat…

And finally, Update 12 gives us our first serious trip – from Red Hill Marina, all the way through the centre of Nottingham to Colwick Marina, where we’ll be mooring the boat while we’re working on her. Locks! Tidal Rivers! Exhaustion! IT’S ALL HERE!