Time is On Our Side

Hello. We’ve been away for a while. And it’s all been a bit busy.


It wasn’t the plan to go completely silent after we got the boat. We’d thought “Yes! There’ll be lots of things to film! Lots to talk about!” And there were. Boy, were there lots of things going on. Unfortunately, there were so many things that it didn’t leave much time for filming, or editing, or blog posts, or – well – pretty much anything other than work on the boat, and the various other unavoidable life-related issues. It has been a staggeringly busy time – we weren’t quite prepared what going from zero to sixty in terms of DIY was going to do to us, and the culture shock was quite major. It’s starting to settle down now, but it’s been a busy and difficult time. Having the boat is fantastic, but it’s also made us realise that there is a LOT to do before the boat is going to be liveable. Everywhere there are jobs that will need doing, elements of the process that need sorting. If we thought about it too much, we’d probably end up panicking our heads off, so for the moment we’re simply taking things one step at a time. We’ve made plenty of progress, and here’s some pictures showing the kind of things we’ve achieved:

IMG_1814 This is me on the roof of the boat, providing assistance fitting some doors while being extremely cold…




Inside the boat, while the first phase of the laying of the floor insulation begins…

Tubes of insulation, cut into small padded feet that the sheets of insulation could then sit on. (Keeping an air gap between the insulation and the bricks/ballast is very important). Here, you can also see the extra batons we added to raise the sub-floor – this was so we’d have room for the insulation and an air gap.


The first of the insulation properly laid! You can also see the large hole in the bow that currently gives access to the bow thruster.


Prisms! It’s taken an absurd amount of time, but we’ve finally received the deck prisms and been able to fit them! There’s a small amount of tidying up to do (like removing the excess filler/adhesive around the edges) but we’re already very happy with the amount of light they’re letting into the boat.



And here’s a nice shot of the boat taken just as we were packing up. After a number of horribly wintery and freezing days, we’re finally shifting into spring, and it’s such a relief that the weather is improving – it’s giving us occasional snapshots of what it’ll be like once we’re actually on the boat…


That’s all for now, but there’ll be more to come, and we should be shooting a video within the next week or so (*fingers crossed*). We’ll be trying to make sure there are semi-regular updates here on the site whatever happens, even if the frantic amounts of DIY action make it tricky to get videos shot. It’s going to be a long and complicated quest, but we’re already making noticeable progress and we’ll be back with more very soon…

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