Forward Motion

We’re still at work on the boat, and we’re making progress, but it’s an odd, kind of dispersed type of progress. The ducting for the wiring and plumbing is all constructed and in place (and apologies for the lack of video – we lost some footage which meant despite planning to, we couldn’t actually put together a coherent video on it), but we’ve now moved onto bigger tasks that aren’t as easily solved. Painting has begun – there’ll be a painting video soon – but it’s a very slow process that’s at the mercy of the changeable weather. (The fact that each part of the boat needs six coats – two of primer, two of undercoat and two of top-coat – isn’t helping either).

Much of the last month has been planning and sorting the wiring – trust me, we’ll have lots to say on wiring in an upcoming video – and it’s been both intense and rather scary. We’re almost over the hump now, with the electrical cables about to be purchased, and soon some really big stuff is going to be happening. We’ve even done another journey on the boat, travelling to Castle Marina in order to fill up the diesel tank. It’s all been rather a blur, and with work commitments as well it’s been a little tricky to keep the videos up. We really like doing them, and we’d love to be able to keep to a more regular schedule (and it’ll get a lot easier once we’re actually on the boat). It shouldn’t be too long before we’re back on track, though, and while the summer days haven’t always been helpful – it turns out, blaring sunlight is really not good when you’re trying to paint the sides of a metal boat – there have been some great days as well, and our ultimate destination is edging ever closer.

Now all we need is for it to stop raining at deeply inconvenient times, and we’ll be really getting there…

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