Best Laid Plans (Or: Why We’re Going Quiet For A While)

So, we haven’t been especially active with the Narrowboat Zero Gravity YouTube channel over the last few months, or with this site. Early on in the year, we were managing videos fortnightly (*whispers* and even – a couple of times – weekly…) but the gaps were getting larger. We also hadn’t got ourselves organised to turn this site into a proper blog, and we were getting seriously behind. We wanted to actually do a short video about this soon, just to quickly address why this has been happening (short answer: fitting out a narrowboat means you get very little time for everything else) and to be honest and say that the channel would probably be sporadic for the immediate future.

And then something happened to really emphasise the fact that sometimes, life gets in the way.

Emma is currently in hospital – she was taken there five days ago with acute appendicitis, she had emergency surgery to remove her burst appendix, and there have since been some frustrating ongoing complications with her recovery that are taking a while to sort themselves out. She is improving – she’s stronger every day, and I’m certain that she’s going to get through this – but it’s also been very tough, and we currently don’t have an estimated date for when she can be discharged. (I’m hopeful for early next week, but there are no guarantees for that).

Unsurprisingly, this has also blasted a gargantuan hole in our immediate boat-related plans – what was going to be a week of painting and finishing off small electrical jobs has now been largely made up of hanging out in hospital wards. Even once Emma is discharged, it’s going to be a while before she can properly come back to work on the boat, and she’ll need to be looked after in the meantime.

Thanks to this, I can’t put a date on exactly when our next video will happen, and we wanted to post this just to explain why the channel is going to be especially quiet for a while. If you’ve watched or are a subscriber to the videos, thank you so much for watching – we’re frankly amazed that almost 2,000 people have subscribed, we’ve been enjoying doing the videos so far (especially this year, when we’ve been trying to make them better and more watchable), and we’ve got lots of ideas of what we want to do in the future once we’ve actually gotten ourselves onto the boat. For now, though, those plans are going to have to wait.

That’s the situation at the moment. Thanks again for reading this, and for watching any of our videos. And we’ll be back soon.